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Recent Solds

Recent Solds

IWe don't mean to brag.... but we are passionate about finding or representing our clients in the sale of great homes.  Check out some of the recent sale successes.

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Each week we'll send you a home that is just a bit more special in our opinion.  It might be due to price, condition, location, architectural  style or all of the above.  Whatever it is our fans love it and look forward to receiving it each week.  Don't be shy... sign up here!



Ready Set GO!  When a property comes.

A Fast Paced Market Requires Property Alerts 

With record low inventory, getting an alert that your potential Dream Home just came on the market can mean...more.

Search the MLS

Here's the link to REColorado the most up to date MLS Search in Denver.  

A Special Invite

Giving Neighborhood Tours with prospective clients is always our favorite thing to do.  Denver has so many special neighborhoods and it's so much fun turning people on to them.  Lets do it...

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