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Krisana Park


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Wow!  Krisana Park sure is a hot neighborhood.  Thanks in part to being featured on HGTV and in Atomic Ranch Magazine as well as the ultra hip Dwell Magazine that you’ve probably flipped through while in the checkout line at Whole Foods.


And it should be hot because it has some pretty important architectural provenance.  The designs of these homes are from the famous architect and real estate developer Joseph Eichler.  Eichler is the father of the “California Contemporary”.  To people in the know the homes here are referred to as “Like-lers”.  That’s because while the homes weren’t built by Eichler they are exact replicas of his designs.


From the outside the flat roofs and the ever so slightly pitched roofs exude 50’s mid-century hip.  But it’s on the inside that these homes show us how far ahead of their time they really were.  The homes are all about bringing the outside in.  The norm is open floor plans with huge plate glass windows opening up to intimate courtyard areas.  Typically the interior design for these homes is minimalist contemporary, often with an Asian feel.


People often ask about the funny name “Krisana”.  Well, the story is that in the late 1940’s a developer named H.B. (Brad) Wolff approached Christian and Ann Noe to buy the  alfalfa field that was to become one of Denver’s first completely planned, modern-style subdivisions.  In honor of Christian and Ann Noe (whose original farmhouse is still located on the northeast corner of Dahlia and Florida) Wolff combined their names and “Krisana” was born. 


Today Krisana is a fun neighborhood with enthusiastic homeowners.  The big yards, the cool design and the close in location is fueling a lot of major home renovations.  So, if you're into that mid century contemporary chic at an afford in town price, Krisana is a must see.


Julie Lear

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